Zahradinee Sarkar

Many of you may have noticed Zahradinee Sarkar sitting quietly at our shibirs in Phoenix. Do not let that innocent face fool you!  She is one of our youngest students and has shown incredible promise over the years that she has been learning sitar.

She started with SPK Academy of Music in 2012 at the tender age of 9.  Over the last 3 years, her level of dedication to learn sitar has been astounding - propelling her skill level exponentially!

The beautiful Zahradinee practicing sitar

The beautiful Zahradinee practicing sitar

"I chose Zahradinee as SPK Academy of Music's Featured Student because I wanted to show others that even at such a young age, great strides can be made whilst learning sitar. Her sheer will and desire to excel is the reason for her tremendous growth as a sitar player.  SPK Academy was simply her guide."  Seema Gulati, senior instructor and Director of SPK Academy of Music.

Her comment on what fuels her drive to be a better sitar player - "I keep playing because I feel like I need to do better."  

Here is Zahradinee Sarkar of SPK Academy of Music playing Raag Jaijaywanti. We look forward to hearing more from this very talented sitarist.