Sitar lessons at The Academy are steeped in the rich and ancient traditions of India. Our teaching methods have been innovatively adapted for the modern world—they make the most of the newest technology and limited time while upholding the spirit of how Indian Classical Music has been taught and learned for centuries. For more information about our teaching techniques and philosophy for sitar lessons, please visit Our Approach page.
          We strive to produce more than mere students, but performers in their own right, capable of disseminating the heritage embodied in Ustadji's life and music around the world. 

At the very heart of the traditions we uphold is the ever-evolving relationship between the Ustad (Guru) and the shagird (shishya, student). The Academy fosters this relationship through our innovative sitar lessons as the musical brilliance and spiritual pulse of the classical raag is lost without it. Ustadji nurtures this relationship with every student at the Academy—from the beginner to the most advanced—with a subtle combination of pedagogical foresight, humor and human kindness that turns the rigors of taking sitar lessons into sheer delight.